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Ozzy Osbourne

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Real Name:
John Osbourne
December 3
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skull Ozzy
Ozzy. We all know who he is. Atleast the better half of us do. That's why I don't feel like writing a "fact" page on him, I'm actually just doing this out of boredom. But after all, Ozzy is god, and we must show respect in any way possible. So Ozzy, I know damn well you're never gonna read this, but still, I Love You.
skull Ozzy Osbourne's Links
Ozzy Direct
The Headbangers World

skull Why is Ozzy so great?

His music. Where would we be if Ozzy had never started writing?

His tales. Now, we ALL love hearing the great stories of the bats, his wife, his crazy fans, its all just so great and amusing. Even though HALF of it is NOT true, what would we do without the story behind the man?


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