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Take   the   Rocky   Horror   Picture   Show   Survey!

The survey answers from my old page will be added on to new answers. Just click on my email address link and write your answers next to the number. Be sure to write 'survey' in the subject box.


1. How many times have you seen RHPS?
A. 0-10 B. 11-25 C. 26-50 D. 51-100 E. 101-300 F. 301-600 G. 800+
2. Who is your favorite RHPS character?
A. Frank
B. Rocky
C. Brad
D. Janet
E. Riff Raff
F. Columbia
G. Magenta
H. Dr. Scott
I. Eddie
J. other
3. How old are you?
A. 1-10 B. 11-14 C. 15-19 D. 20-30 E. 31-50 F. 51-80 G. 81-200
4. How do you rate RHPS?
A. Best movie I have ever seen
B. Awesome movie
C. Good movie
D. Ok
E. I'd see it again in a couple years
5. How do you rate this RHPS page?
A. Great page
B. Nice page
C. Pretty good
D. I could come here once in a while
E. Needs a LOT of work
6. Have you ever played a role in RHPS besides an audience member?
A. Yes
B. No
7. Are you mostly a home viewer or a theatre viewer?
A. Home
B. Stae
C. Both
D. none
8. What are you?
A. Boy
B. Girl
C. both
D. neither
E. Transylvanian

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