It's   here!

The trivia page is here. There's only ten questions right now, but I need you guys to send me ideas for questions for it to get bigger. Take the trivia and email me, the results will be posted some time after June 15th, so hurry up.

is my new email address, email your answers!

The Trivia

Easy Ones

1.  How many golden tickets did Willy Wonka send out?
2.  What was Charlie's last name?
3.  How many chocolate bars did Charlie buy?
4.  How many chocolate bars did Charlie eat?
5.  What is Grandpa Joe's wife's name?

A bit harder ones

6.  Who was the 1st to find a golden ticket?
7.  What does Violet's dad do for a living?
8.  What was the combination on the lock to the chocolate room?
9.  Who is Charlie's paper route employer?
10. Who directed the movie?

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